About Us

About The Little Wildlife Rescues in Marlborough, NZ

We are actually an illustration studio called Studio 269 Designs (www.studio269designs.co.nz), located in Marlborough, New Zealand, who enjoy rescuing little critters on the side… 





Somehow, when we are out walking and sketching in the outdoors, we stumble across many of the little guys you see on this website, who need help. There is so much pleasure in seeing them recover and become fully fledged or large enough to go back in to the wild on their own. Sometimes they are with us for yonks, other times it is just a recovery stop to catch their breath. 

Many of the rescued end up posing for the camera or getting quickly sketched into artwork. And believe me as the writer of this piece, you have to be very, very, quick with the trigger and the pencil. 

After the rescued recover many return time after time for a top up. The coolest thing is to have a rescued animal wander past or fly from the wild for an up front and personal visit. And some return year after year just to yell from the wild their presence and to give us the thumbs up.

There is no order or time stamps to the rescues you see on this blog, just little souls who have crossed our paths recently or in the past

We are now able to take in rescues from the public, but unfortunately we are unable to take in any unwanted pets or strays.



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