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The Little Wildlife Rescues here in Marlborough, NZ, are part of an illustration studio called Studio 269 Designs. These little rescues are just the little guys we have come across while out and about with our  sketching pads and pencils, or by word of mouth have been dropped off to us for looking after. We are pretty proud of the  survival rate for our rescues, but, unfortunately, there are always the ones the that succumb to their injuries, or we have gotten to them too late. It is always a very sad day to lose any little critter.

There are no timelines mostly for the rescues, as per below, but these are just a few stories of those that have happened in the past. 

It has been very quiet with the no rescues lately being currently mid-winter. Come spring we expect to be monitoring more birds nest in the vineyard.

How to Bandage a Bug's Leg

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