It Was cutest Bum I Had Ever Seen

It Was cutest Bum I Had Ever Seen

It was the cutest sight to see in early September. I was out walking the dogs along the drain and I came across a yellowish bum poking high in the air. The bum was small and quite roundish with black spots. Very much the shape of a guinea pig’s bottom. Although, this one was a little bigger than the guinea pigs’ bums I remember. Initially there were no other signs of what it was. Couldn’t see any legs, or tail, or even if it had one. The opposite end of the bum was lost deep in leaves and it had no idea its posterior was poking up and waving in the breeze ‘a very merry hello’  to all that past by. I just stood quietly, the dogs too. We were all waiting to see what would unfold. And all of a sudden a curly tail popped up, then a hind leg and then out popped a head which had been buried. Then all of a sudden  all the bits came together and a gorgeous little piglet appeared. The dogs both sat and stared, and all I could say was, “Hello, Little Piggy. “The little piglet stopped dead in its tracks as if it was thinking ‘what the hell was that?’  Then, seemingly all its lights came on,  and it rocketed off. 

We will post more of the story soon…

(added 10.8.22)

Most days, while out walking along the drain, we would spot the little piglet laying in the sun, or rummaging in the undergrowth and water. He would hear or spot us and bolt. The funniest thing was, initially, the piglet would hide his head while sleeping, thinking no one could see the rest of him. We could sneak right up and watch, and it had no idea we were there unless the wind was in the piglet’s favour. But we found that the piglet learnt the fine art of disguise very quickly. The ditch suddenly grew many deep and dark burrows and instead of us watching the piglet we felt sure we were the ones being watched.

We never mentioned to anyone about what was living in the drain, there was no need to bring any attention to the pig. It wasn’t being a nuisance to anyone. Although, I am pretty darn sure, the little fellow went trott-about at night, while no one was looking, because, it left little messages, come morning, in the form of turned over soil.  But while water was about there were eels, baby birds etc., for the pig to feast on. The only creatures safe were the good-old prickly hedgehogs. 

The resident pig grew quite slowly over the time it lived in the drain. About 6 months.  One day, late summer, we noticed a total absence of the now-quite-large pig.  No fresh rooting was noticed anywhere. The drain had dried up.  We were sure, as quietly as the piglet had arrived, the older, wiser pig, left the same way, going across country looking for water. 

Quite some time later we were updated …

While talking to another person who lives quite near the ditch, we mentioned the yellow and black spotted visitor who had now vacated the area. This person remembered spotting a tiny, yellow and black piglet earlier than September. They wondered what had happen to it, so I filled them in. But strangely enough, they were the last person to see it during a rugby game over by a river. They said a rather large yellow and black spotted pig bolted through the rugby field while they were watching a match, and nobody chased it.  I was so glad that after all this time the yellow and black spotted pig was still alive and still, very, very, fast.

Posted: Wed 27 Jul 2022