Tiny Goldfinch Tossed From Nest - but eventually joined another little goldfinch rescue

Tiny Goldfinch Tossed From Nest - but eventually joined another little goldfinch rescue

Weirdly, I can spot a bird nest from a million ks away (only a slight exaggeration!!), and there was a goldfinch nest that was of particular interest, which had four eggs. Then one day, as we marched past, we peeped in and finally, except for one egg, there were three little chicks. Ages went by, and that last one egg just sat determined not to hatch. The lucky three got bigger by every room service meal that flew in, and still that one egg did not hatch. Then out of the blue the fourth egg disappeared, and yep, I acknowledged to myself that it could be just that the lard arses, in the nest, were sitting on it now. Sneaking back a little later with a rounded spoon, I gently stirred the nest and spied that the fourth egg had finally squeezed out a little chick, BUT it was looking rather deflated at the bottom of the pile, and as the larger chicks were not going to get any smaller, this was not going to end well. We managed to get the little bird up to higher ground but by evening it had been tossed out for an early sayonara flight. I was lucky to spot the little fellow he blended so well into dusk and the grey colours of the hot summer’s dry dirt. We took it home in a pocket and popped it into an old goldfinch nest we had collected, and gave it a very-well-received feed. It slept for a very long time.

(Initial photos are that of the tossed goldfinch)

A few days earlier we had come across another little goldfinch. Almost at fledgling stage the bird had hopped across from the hedge trees directly to me as I wandered across the lawn. That’s a sure sign it had been donkey-yonks since the last feed. Once the younger bird was old enough we put the goldfinches together. The older one was constantly dominating for food and territory, but they still bonded as a team. In time, very much like the other rescues, they advanced to the aviary and soon were only coming and going as they pleased, only to return at night to be popped into the aviary.  Something interesting though was that when they were exhausted by day they would return to the tree they always got fed in. Not to eat just sleep. 

(See below the earlier goldfinch rescue, well and truely grown up. Apologies we don't have the initial photos of how small the bird was)



As for the lucky three goldfinches, as big as they were, their nest began to droop and showed it wasn’t going to stay up or in one piece for much longer.   It obviously didn’t have a Code of Compliance from the council after having been built in the first place. And did the parent birds even have a Consent to build!  (See photos below) So we did some illegal repairs to hold it together until they could scarper out of there. Yes,the repair is dismal, but the nest did hold together until all three abandoned ship.



Here is a photo of both rescues in their favourite feeding tree.

Posted: Tuesday 15 February 2022