The Two Little Blackbirds

The Two Little Blackbirds

The Story Behind The Photographs

( Baby Blackbirds)

We found these two baby blackbirds (often mistaken for baby thrushes) abandoned on the ground after huge winds ripped through. Originally, when we found them, the birds were tiny, almost naked, and both resembled pin cushions. There was no nest that we could return them to, and after watching for quite some time no parent bird turned up either. They were squawking at each other with their mouths gaping, each thinking the other was the parent bird. It was quite humorous, although both were desperate for food. 

Once young blackbirds leave the nest they follow the parents around squawking loudly for weeks. So by the time they have full plumage and long adult tail feathers weeks of trailing parents have passed. So, as you can guess, we had these two forever! They were never going to leave home. We went through truck loads of slugs, snails and worms to keep them going. But when the days got hotter and the moisture disappeared, taking with it all things slimy and wiggly, we did cheat… with  (you'll love this) cat food!  And, finally, once they were a little more independent their visits became less until one day we knew they weren’t coming back. YAY! right? No, horrors, we missed them!

Posted: Tuesday 15 February 2022