Baby Goldfinch

Baby Goldfinch

The Story Behind The Photograph

( Juvenile Goldfinch)

This young goldfinch was found absolutely naked and wing-rowing across the tar-seal outside the studio's property after some hedge trimming had occurred. I had a feeling it was a goldfinch as the hedge sings with the gorgeous sounds and pops of these birds during the nesting period. After many days of nest feeding, and once the plumage became full, the little bird would fly about me buzzing and singing constantly for food. Gradually it became a little more self-sufficient and began to fly away for longer and longer periods, only returning if it had trouble sourcing food. Eventually the returns stopped.

There are some wildlife rescues that leave that ‘something special’ behind and this little fellow was one of them.

Part of my work is based around this type of photography, so this was a grand opportunity to get the wee bird to pose. I set up the props, and after quite some time, much food, and dozens of quick photographs, like the one you see here, we finally got one that was brilliant.

Posted: Tuesday 15 February 2022